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**** Debalys Reg’d Siberian Husky kennel will be breeding one exciting litter in 2018. ****

If you are interested in a well bred puppy from Grand Champion, fully health tested parents, and an experienced breeder of almost 30 years, who will offer you lifetime support, We are now accepting applications on this litter.  All puppies sold.

Litter BORN October 2 2018

4 males and 3 females

(All shades of grey)

Sire: Can Grand Ch, Am Grand Ch, Phil Ch Wolvereen’s Starlight Starbright (SOL)

Dam: Can Grand Ch RBIS Multi Group Placer Debalys Foolproof (Quita)




                             **Debalys Registered Siberians will be having a December 2017 litter!** 


6 Gorgeous pups arrived December 2 2017. 3 Beautiful Girls, followed by 3 Handsome Boys!

Debalys is PROUD to Introduce – The Christmas Litter

Sire: Am Ch BPISS Can Gr Ch Kuvuk’s Collective Soul
Dam: Can Gr Ch Debalys Kirby

The Boys: Debalys Christmas Caper, Debalys Christmas Magic, Debalys Lil Drummer Boy

The Girls: Debalys Ribbons N Bows at Danson, Debalys Christmas Cookie, Debalys Mistletoe Kisses

All the puppies have gone to their forever homes. Debalys Mistletoe Kisses (Tinsel) is staying with me at Debalys!



Dam: BPIS Can CH Debalys Once Upon A Time


(Light Brown and White – Amber eyes)

CHIC # 91478   OFA SHOR  S-11597/12-23   OFA HIPS  SH-18021E24F-PI

has been bred to

Sire: Can GCh Kamchatka Da Gospel Truth


(Grey and White with Brown eyes)

Eyes Clear and Hips Excellent

Puppies are due in early August 2017. Taking reservations now.

**UPDATE** Fairy and Luke had three handsome male puppies, we named them after the Chipmunks, (Debalys Theo Dor Able, Debalys Alvinnnnn and Debalys Simon Says) and they have all gone to their forever homes.



  • * UPDATE * All the puppies from the Storm litter are sold.

** The Storm Litter arrived October 14, 2016 in the midst of an early snow storm!**

Four males – light brown/white – silver/white – copper/white – grey/white

Two females – both grey/white – 1 with a blaze, 1 with a dot

light-red-boy-15-days img_5205copper-boy-head-shot-15-daysgrey-boy-head-shot-15-daysdot-girl-head-shot-15-daysblaze-girl-head-shot-15-days

Multi Group placing Grand Champion Debalys Kirby

Dam: Can Gr Ch Debalys Kirby


(Light Grey and White – Brown eyes)

CHIC# 109025  OFA SHOR S-11756/15-22 – OFA HIPS SH-18993E24F-PI

has been bred to

Multi Group placing BPIS BISS Gran Champion Debalys Dark Side of the Moon.

Sire: BPIS BISS Can Gr Ch Debalys Dark Side of the Moon


(Black and White – Parti Blue/Brown eyes)

CHIC#        OFA SHOR S11757/14-18 – OFA HIPS SH-18984E28M-VPI)

Puppies are due mid October.

Kirby and Titan both have OFA rated Excellent hips and both have 2016 eye clearances.

Kirby in Burns Lake on SundayKIRBY - New Gr CH20160726_12363224Titan BISSTitan group 2

 Now taking reservations on our spring litter. Please fill out an application to be considered.

Planned Spring 2016 Litter

Due April 3 2016

Sire: Can CH Debalys Once In A Blue Moon CGN CD RI


(Grey and White) ( Parti Eyed – One Blue Eye – One Blue/Brown split)

CHIC #  91479  OFA SHOR S-11600/12-23  OFA HIPS  SH-18023E24M-PI

Dam: Can Ch Debalys Kirby


(Light Grey and White – Brown eyes)

CHIC# 109025  OFA SHOR S-11756/15-22 – OFA HIPS SH-18993E24F-PI


1 Boy and 5 Girls. All Shades of Grey!

All puppies are sold and have gone to their new homes.

Shauna & Scout & Mark & Mathew & Patrick Kathleen and Dot (aka - Ulu) and Dale and Nahanni Tory & Ryan & Bailey & Donna Maureen and Joker Trevor and GiGi



fairy and her babies

Planned Winter Litter


***** UPDATE*****

Puppies born 5th of January 2016

Sire: BPIS Can CH Wolvereen’s Won-Ina-Blue Moon


(Black and White – Bi Parti colored eyes-brown/blue)

CHIC # 98083  OFA SHOR S-11570/11-12  OFA HIPS  SH-18648E50M-VPI

Dam: BPIS Can CH Debalys Once Upon A Time


(Light Brown and White – Amber eyes)

CHIC # 91478   OFA SHOR  S-11597/12-23   OFA HIPS  SH-18021E24F-PI

The puppies arrived January 5 – 2016

Three females – 2 black and white – 1 dark gray – Three males – all dark gray.

All puppies are sold.

IMG_3415Disney Litter

IMG_3420 IMG_3423 IMG_3419

IMG_3418 IMG_3417 IMG_3416

IMG_3589 IMG_3592 IMG_3579

IMG_3584 IMG_3583 IMG_3580

Please note:
As a responsible breeder, litters are infrequent and it is important to be patient in receiving a well bred and socialized puppy. At Debalys Registered Siberians we are all about Quality, not Quantity!!