Things you should know about Siberians….
While many are attracted to the Siberian Husky, and their unique beauty, this is not the breed for everyone. You should seriously research the breed before purchasing one. A few of the things you should know are:

1 – This is not an off-leash breed – EVER! Siberians were bred to run and they can go very far, very fast without pausing to consider the dangers imposed by vehicles, (I term them street stupid), strangers, other animals, etc… Siberians require secure fencing (preferably 6′ tall) for off-leash time. If there is a weak spot in your fence, rest assured your Siberian will find it!

2 – They dig!! Be prepared for large holes, moon craters really, especially in the summer when they will then lie in the holes to cool down.

3 – Most may not bark but they scream, howl, yip, whine, yodel and sing which can be just as disturbing for your neighbors! Dogs that make excessive noise are often lonely and bored and often become destructive – I advise giving them a job to do, they are after all a WORKING dog. If you fail to give them a job, they may chew and destroy furniture and other possessions, look for an escape route from your home and yard, and make lots of noise etc.

4 – Siberians are extremely intelligent and independent. This is not your typical master/dog relationship. It is much more like having a roommate that has its own likes, dislikes and moods. They also have quite the sense of humor and can be quite mischievous. They are not a guard dog, and would gladly let an intruder in, and lead them to your safe in exchange for a treat!

5 – A few times a year, they shed most of their coat and you’ll have enough hair to knit a new dog! Actually the hair can be spun into yarn to make lovely hats, mittens, and scarfs or left to blow in the breeze for nesting birds.

6 – Siberians are usually not good with cats or small animals unless raised with them from puppyhood. They have high prey drive, this is instinctual, and cannot be trained out of them.

7 – Siberians are active dogs and require lots of daily exercise. Scooters or a Springer attached to your bike is a great way to take your Siberian out for 30 minutes of intense exercise daily. This is not a couch potato breed but they believe themselves to be lap dogs at the day’s end!

Now that that is out of the way, they are a perfect dog for young families to own, exhibiting tolerance and patience with children. They make great companions inside and outside the home. Their friendly outgoing nature soon dispels worries your neighbor may have that you are “harboring wolves”. An active breed, perfect for active owners during the summer or winter. They adore winter sports but are equally happy hiking or biking with you in the summer months on lead.

Size: Medium
Male:  21-23.5 inches – 45-60lbs
Female:  20-22 inches – 35-50lbs
Lifespan: 12-15 years

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