Debalys Registered Siberians has bred over FORTY Conformation Champions, as well as too many performance titles to list. Over the years, Debalys has lost some of our dearest family members. Their legacy is what inspires us for the future.




Ch. Debalys Oops We Did It Again “Mimic”


GCh. BBPIG. MBPIG. Debalys Curtain Call “Curtsy”


GCh. Debalys Doesn’t Do Fear “Kayce”


GCh. Debalys I Am The Tornado “LilBeth”


Ch. Debalys On A Wing And A Prayer “Jo-D”


Ch. MBBPIG. MBPIG. Debalys Spring Fling “Rumor”


GChB. MBPIG. Debalys Kick Start My Heart “Kicker”


GChB. RBIS. Debalys Christmas Caper “Caper”


GCh. Debalys Mistletoe Kisses “Tinsel”


Ch. Debalys Red Roomba at Astablak “Roomba” 


Ch. Debalys A Port In The Storm “Porter”


GCh. RBIS. Debalys Foolproof “Quita”


Am Ch. Debalys Jasper at Zarniva “Jasper”


Ch. Debalys Prince Charming “Max”


GCh. Debalys Sultana Jasmine OAM “Jasmine”


Ch. MBPIG. Debalys Princess Cinderella “Cinder”


Ch. UKC Ch. Debalys Dirt Devil WD “3D”


GCh. BPIG. Debalys Kirby “Kirby”


GCh. BPIS. BISS. Debalys Dark Side of the Moon “Titan”


GCh. Debalys Once In A Blue Moon CGN RN CD RI RA “Uno”


GCh. BPIS Debalys Once Upon A Time CGN CD RA “Fairy”


Ch. Debalys Tesla Roadster “Roady”


Ch. Debalys Mercedes Benz “Mercy”


Ch. Debalys Ferrari Testarossa “Tessa”


Ch. Debalys Quiksilver “Quik”


Debalys Rolls Royce Cruiser CD RE MX MXG MXJ MJB OF NAC NJC TG-N CGC “Cruiser”


Ch. Debalys Bentley RA “Kodi”


Ch. Debalys Good N Evil “Zeni”


Ch. Debalys Sugar N Spice “Sugar”


Ch. Debalys Jaguar “Jaggy”


Ch. Debalys Chantilly Lace “Lacey”


Am Ch. Debalys Summer Holiday  (with too many performance titles to list) “Holly”


Ch. Debalys Hava Java DOM “Java”


Ch. Debalys Oscar de la Rente “Dawson”


Ch. Debalys First Summer Daze “Summer”


Ch. MBPIG Debalys Summer Ice “Ice Man”


Ch. MBPIG Debalys El Niño “Nik”


Ch. Debalys Carlotta “Carlee”


Ch. BPIG. Debalys Regal Reba McEntire “Reba”


Ch. Debalys Red Badge of Cinnomi “Badge”


Ch BPIS. Dream Catchers DD at Debalys “DD” was my Bouvier whom I loved dearly


Ch. Debalys Limbo How Lo Can U Go “Limbo”


Debalys has also shown one import Siberian Husky to her Championship. Ch Sarabe’s Annie Oakley “Annie”

The one who started it all –  Ch. Jophil’s Alysheba O’Scimitara “Ali”