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  1. First Class operation run by a first class Lady with a true love of the breed. Deb loves her dogs and has an incredible talent for building a breed. Her efforts have paid off in providing some of the most sought after Huskies in North America. I have known her for decades and appreciate all that she has done for our dogs in the past. Proud of your results Deb!

  2. Good work Queen Bee. Well laid out. great accomplishments through lots of patience and diligent work. Love the Titan section, hmmmmmmmmm wonder why. See ya buzzzzzzin’ around at the next show. Luv’ Ya!!

  3. Well laid out website Deb, we can see much work has gone into this.
    We are proud to have had three Debalys Siberians join our family over the years since we first met Deb. Ayla was our first, and my heart dog. We lost her to diabetes in 2013, at the age of nine. We have Ice-Man, who was Aylas father, and we also have Ebony (our Ebby), who is Ice-Mans granddaughter, and Aylas niece. Definitely keeping Debalys Sibians in the family. Love you, Deb!

  4. So proud of you Debra, this is just an amazing site, but some reason I think that whatever task you take you become a champion at it, just look at your beautiful fur babies. So happy to be part of it πŸ™‚

  5. Great Job Debra. We are pleased to be owned by Our Debalys Siberian UKC CH Debalys Dirt Devil WD. Looking forward in seeing the newest generation..

  6. You breed a very quality dog!! Very nice dogs with amazing conformation. You almost make a bullmastiff person such as my self want a Siberian. Keep up the good work! What you are doing for the breed is amazing! Btw awesome site!

  7. I think it is great that there are so many of us with the same passions. I too am a quilting Siberian owner πŸ™‚
    Nice site Deb!

  8. It has been a pleasure to handle a Siberian as nice as Titan. Here’s to keeping the ball rolling. Cheers!

  9. Well you did a very nice job on the web page. I am sure you will get more pictures on there just to show everyone all that your dogs can do. You work hard with all your dogs good luck with your dogs now and to all your new dogs to come. See you at the shows girl.

  10. Awesome site! I can’t say it enough you have the most beautiful dogs Deb! I might be baises have two of them πŸ™‚

  11. Very nice job with the new website! I particularly like your straight forward description of Siberians. They are the perfect breed for some but not for everyone and you convey that quite nicely. Jasper and Dyson were impressed too. They said their Grandma did good.

  12. Kona is without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have never before encountered so wise, so gentle, so caring, so beautiful a creature. She is calm, intelligent, and even though she is a dog, she is kind, reflective, and deeply thoughtful. People tell me frequently how stunningly beautiful she is, and I thank them, but I always feel like saying “oh sir, her physical beauty is nothing compared to the beauty of her soul.” So so blessed to have Kona in my life! Thank you Debalys!!!

  13. Thanks Deb and HUGE congratulations on finishing Three D in such hostile territory πŸ™‚

  14. I just wanted to say what wonderful temperaments my Debalys Babies (Jasper and Dyson) have. My niece was visiting with her 8 year old daughter, my Grand-niece, this weekend. We had neighborhood kids over playing and extended family (2nd cousins) over the weekend ranging in age from 2 to 12. Jasper and Dyson have never had so many kids to keep track of. They were so gentle with all of them. Turns out they are really good at playing hide and seek too. When we couldn’t find my niece during the game I told Jasper and Dyson to “Find Emma”. They ran down the hall, crawled under the futon and waved their tails as they nudged her. Such good dogs with such sound temperaments. Many thanks to Debra for such well bred dogs.

  15. Thank you Linda, I am very proud of the temperaments on my Siberians. Good dogs Japser and Dyson!

  16. Hi Debra,
    Great site and lovin’ Lacey’s pictures! I am so grateful for Tatiana, Chicklet and now Lacey. It has been an honor to be part of your extended family for the past 20+ years xox.
    Rachel & Lacey

  17. Thank you Rachel for providing such loving homes for three Debalys Siberians over the last 20 years.

  18. I am excited and waiting for the birth of the puppies it just brings out the maternal instinct in me LOL.I am all prepared for the new arrival it will be like Christmas all over.Looking forward to being part of your extended family.

  19. Less than a month to go, I am already nesting and making puppy quilts! Looking forward to adding you to the Debalys Family!

  20. This past month we were very blessed to be the new parents of a Debaly’s pup. Gigi went home with me and my other Siberian Sheba. She is a beautiful and sweet lil girl. Debra is a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful person. Her passion for her dogs and the breed resonates from her. Thank you for trusting us with one of your angels. Thank you again for having us be part of the Debaly’s family. We love her so much.

  21. Woohoo!!!!! I am the proud owner of a new AKC Champion, CH Debalys Jasper at Zarniva. Thank-you Debra Debalys Bowles for trusting me with this awesome boy. Today Jasper was Winner’s Dog for a four point major at day 2 of the Woofstock weekend in Vallejo, CA. He completed his Championship with a total of 18 points which includes a five point major and today’s four point major.

  22. Nice website, I found every info I needed. I will soon be migrating to Vancouver and see if I can get one for myself

  23. How fortunate we were to connect with Debra and to be able to add to our pack from her beloved family of Siberians! Spending a day at their home, we got to not only meet all the Debalys resident dogs, but to know Debra and Mike and enjoy their kind generosity and enthusiasm for their animals. It is easy to see how well loved Debra’s dogs are, and also quite plain that they love her. Beautiful and beloved–what a double blessing! We’re over the moon about our newest family member, Timber aka Jimmy from the Yellowstone litter, and look forward to a lifetime of adventures with him alongside, and a lasting connection to Debalys and Debra.

    Thank you Debra for all of your work and diligence that brought you to the point of the Yellowstone litter, and all of the hours of love and attention that went into helping our pup have a great start to a beautiful life as a balanced and loving family member.

  24. My husband and I have had the honour of owning 3 Debalys Siberians! Debra is one of my favourite people and always makes time to talk dogs. She truly cares for each and every one of her Siberians. Two of our Siberians were shipped to us via airplane and Debra went over and above to make sure they had everything they needed for a safe and happy flight to us. We are proud to be a part of the Debalys family!

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